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    Navigation between databases



      Navigation between databases



      I am trying to put a button to one of my databases.  I want that button to get the user to a layout on another database.  To be more specific, I have a job number that is the unique for every job that I have on both of these databases and they already have a relationship between them.  

      I want the button to get me from JOB-LIST to the layout with same job number on JOB-ACCOUNTING database. 

      I have read one familiar forum question but didn't quite understood what to do.


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          What version of FileMaker do you have?

          Do you know how to use the script step Go To Related Record?

          In any version of FileMaker, Go To Related Record can take you to the related record in the other file. Depending on how recent a version of FileMaker you are using, it may also be possible to specify the layout you want. In some older versions, after using Go To Related Record, you may need to perform a script in the related table's file to select the layout you want.

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            I am using filemaker 10.  I tried to use the script go to related record and I can choose the JOB-ACCOUNTING from the list but I cant choose the layout.  I wrote the script Go to Related Record and it is like this:

            Go to Related Record [ Show only related records; From Table: "Job Accounting"; Using layout: <Current Layout>]

            The JOB-ACCOUNTING database that I am trying to open through button is related with JOB-LIST, the table I am trying to open from.

            This is the error that I get:

            "This operation could not be completed because this layout cannot display the result."

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              When you set up the Go To Related Record step, click the "use external table's layouts" check box, then you can select a layout from the external table.