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Question asked by RobertGardner on Apr 20, 2011
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Navigation Portal


I am using FMP 10.  I have a Student table that lists loads of data about the student including:

  1. Membership Expiration Date
  2. Balance Owed
  3. Student Name
  4. ListCalc (which = Get (CurrentDate) - 60 )

To ease navigation for the non-Filemaker savvy, I have currently created a portal that displays the first 3 fields from all records whose Expiration > ListCalc.  To do this, I had to create another table that imports the data from these fields and consistently updates them.  The relationship between them is that ListCalc in the Student table must be < the Expiration on the List table.  Then, on the Student layout, I created a portal that looks at this List Tables records.  Once the name field in the portal is clicked, it triggers FM to find that student's records.

This seems to be a waste, since I'm simply duplicating data that is already there.  I have tried to create the same relationship simply between Student and another instance of itself, but the portal does not show any records.  I can either show all the records via an "x" relationship, or none.  This is essentially an attempt to filter the portal results, but nothing I try gives any results other than ALL or NONE.