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Navigation Script

Question asked by ClayReed on Nov 19, 2012
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Navigation Script


     The filemaker pro file I'm creating will be used with the toolbar hidden. Therefore I will need some navigation buttons and a pop-up field. I have one small issue with my script I was hoping someone could help me with. To navigate to the 4 layouts I'm using a pop-up field (global field). The user selects the layout from the pop-up field and you are taken to that page. I have one issue, when you first enter browse mode the pop-up field displays the last layout the file was on instead of the layout the user is currently on. I need something in my script that would check which layout the user is on and change the pop-up to that layout. Also, even though my script works (other than the issue I just explained) is this the shown script the best way to write the script?