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Navigation script help…

Question asked by OddbjørnAase on Apr 11, 2013
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Navigation script help…


     I have one table for single students, and one for groups. (They correlate in different ways to other tables, therefore two different tables…). Both have a field for the day, and a field for the time when the lesson starts. (And a field for end of lesson, and one for the duration of the lesson). My question: Is there a way to make buttons I can click that send me to the next (and previous) lesson, regardless of whether it's a group or a single student? I figure I need to be able to put the day/time-information together with ID-number from each record, into some kind of global list, wich then can be sorted and serve as a navigation-guide for going back and forth between the records…?  Or is there a simpler and smarter way?