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Navigation to related records

Question asked by BryanN on Jul 13, 2012
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Navigation to related records


To be short, I have Customers, Vendors, Jobs, Purchase Orders and Quotes all setup as separate tables with correct child tables, heirarchy, etc etc...

My question has to do with navigation scripts.  I have a menu of buttons that navigate to the specific areas.  However, I like to use (when possible) the "go to related record" action as it has a great context for the user to always see data related to what he's been looking at.


There are examples such as this that break these buttons: my user goes to Purchase Orders to create a Purchase Order record, realizes he needs to create a vendor before he can finish the PO, so he clicks the button to go back to the Vendors layout to create a new Vendor.


Unfortunately, if the button to go back to Vendors has "go to related record" for the vendors table/layout, it won't go anywhere because there is no related Vendor yet (as the Vendor hasn't been created).


So what I've done to move past that is create a script that has both steps in it:

Step1: go to related record in Vendors wiht Vendors layout

Step2: go to layout Vendors


That way, if the first one fails, it will do the second one.


My question is this: Is this the correct way to do this or is there some sort of IF/Then function I should be using to accomplish this?

It seems to work just fine and doesn't get in the way of anything but I don't want hindsight to slap me in the face not thinking about a potential consequence to doing this.