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Navigational Layout

Question asked by swhite on Jun 1, 2009
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Navigational Layout


I'm trying to create a navigational layout where users will select a project and then the detailed project record layout will be shown. I would like for the initial project selection to remain for the user's session, unless they go back to the navigation layout and make a new selection.


I tried creating a new layout, then creating a global field for "g_project_list". I placed the global field on the layout, made a value list from the "project_id" field, and associated my value list to the global field's drop-down menu. I then wrote a script to go to the detailed project layout and go to the specific record specified by the g_project_list selection. Everything seemed in order, as the drop-down menu correctly listed the projects. However, when I select an item in the list I get the error:


"This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable."


I guess global fields cannot be used this I need a global variable? If so, how does one allow the variable to be controlled interactively by users?


I also thought of using a portal, but I'm already using the projects table in the layout and it seems you cannot use a portal to a table on a layout using that same table.