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Need a Booking Calendar / Year Planner

Question asked by johntweedy on Jan 1, 2015
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Need a Booking Calendar / Year Planner



Looking for a Booking Calendar / Year Planner tool to use in a Filemaker database

Hope someone might be able to help.

I'm trying to find a booking calendar  plug-in for Filemaker

(or help / tips on how to build what I need IF a plug-in doesn’t exist)

I’m looking for a “booking calendar” in the style of a ‘year planner’.

The context?
I run a small holiday property business. There are 50 properties and the objective is to secure bookings from holidaymakers for each property.  When answering calls / email queries from prospective holidaymakers, it’s essential I can see ‘at a glance’ which weeks are already booked and which stillare available.

Currently, I show the bookings for each property on an ‘electronic’ year planner on a (very old!!) Psion 5 MX handheld PDA (the rest of my IT is all on a PC but this booking calendar is on the old PSION).

Bizarrely, the Psion software for my current year planner was a seldom used, little known part of the ‘diary’ feature in the bundled dairy (agenda) software which was on all the Psion 5MX handheld PDA machines.  It was PERFECT for my needs! However as Psion handhelds are gone forever…  I need to migrate to a PC solution … A solution whereby I have, built in to a Filemaker dbase  a year planner / booking chart for each and every property .

In terms of the appearance of this booking calendar / year planner I’m searching for, what is important, is that Arrival and Departure dates for each booking (simple date fields which I would already have entered as part of another basic Filemaker field)  then become ‘automatically’ displayed on the year planner as an "occupied" date period for example …. as a red highlighted section of the year in question…showing that the property is occupied for those dates.

There would be a separate booking calendar for each property.

The other requirement is for me to be able to click or hover on that red occupied section and then see the info telling me which client is booked into that property, for how long, how much they paid, their mobile phone number and their email address)  - again,  this would all have been data which I would already have entered into other basic fields in the FMP database

What I’m looking for is a feature commonly available to advertisers on some of the major rentals listings websites on the Internet (for example HOMEAWAY or HOLIDAYLETTINGS or TRIP ADVISOR) ..  so ….the ability to define an arrival and departure date and then have a database automatically convert that to a year planner ‘visual’ certainly exists …..My problem is that I need it to exist in the environment of filemaker.

So, my question is ...
Can anyone tell me if they are aware of a year planner / booking calendar which would be able to satisfy my requirements? Or, if you don’t know of an existing ‘off the shelf’ plug-in, is there a FMP developer out there who would be interested in creating this plug-in for me ?