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    Need a button to move to the next Respondent



      Need a button to move to the next Respondent


      Is there a way to create a button that will let us move to the next RespondentID (with the option to move up or down would be even better) with just one click (so rather than going back into my RespondentID list, it would jump to the next RespondentID with one click).  I still need the RespondentID list in case we need to choose a particular RespondentID, but it would save a few clicks if we just had a button in the second portal that pulled the next response.

      Also, I think I need some sort of scrip to automatically clear out the codes when I get a new response.  Right now we just have to do an extra click outside any portals to clear out the codes or else it doesn't save the new codes.

      And when we create a new Code in the Code list, is there away to automatically refresh the code list in the drop down menu?  Right now, we are going back to the "see response" button in the question list to refresh the code list.

      These are just a few quirks of the database that my team is getting frustrated with.  They aren't huge problems, but if we can save a few clicks, it will make the work go faster, and they will be happier.

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          The way your database is set up the portals (except the question one) are keyed to your Global Display Keys table

          All you need to do to display new data in the portals is to change the values in the GDK table.

          Now Im not certain if the respondant IDs are sequential or not but if they are you could simply

          use buttons that (i dont remember the table and field names exactly off hand)

          Set Field (GDK::Respondant ID; GDK::RespondantID + 1)

          Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results]

          Subsequently you could use Respondant - 1 to back up on a seperate button. These buttons dont need to be in a portal.

          If you have the related name field on the layout you should see the name change to verify you have the right person.

          You shouldnt need a script to clear out  the codes it should clear when the GDK values are changed. YOu can add the Refresh Window script step to the current scripts that change the values. You shouldnt need it but it cant hurt.

          As to the code list you shouldnt have to go back to see response unless the GDK responseid field is somehow being blanked out. You should just be able to click the dropdown list again in the code values portal and it should show. these XREF codes should be keyed to the GDKSurvey and GDKQuestion ID only and not to a response code (this is what drives the conditional value list) You should only have to click back on the Code tab and then return to coding.




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            the respondents are not necessarily sequential.  They do go in order, but there can be several numbers skipped in between. Is there anything else I can do?

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              You could design a new similar layout based on the respondant table the way you set the global display keys would be different for some of  the fields you could then use the "book" to scroll  through the records. (the main differences is you wouldt use the dropdown for  the GDKrespondant id and you would use an OnRecordLoad Script  trigger to set both the GDK Survey ID and the GDK ResponantID

              Much of the rest would remain the same.

              Before you go try it. Spend some time understanding how the GDK fields get set and what their functions are in the current layout. Imagine how they will change when the layout is based on a different parent record.