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Need a button to move to the next Respondent

Question asked by KristineGentry on Jun 14, 2011
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Need a button to move to the next Respondent


Is there a way to create a button that will let us move to the next RespondentID (with the option to move up or down would be even better) with just one click (so rather than going back into my RespondentID list, it would jump to the next RespondentID with one click).  I still need the RespondentID list in case we need to choose a particular RespondentID, but it would save a few clicks if we just had a button in the second portal that pulled the next response.

Also, I think I need some sort of scrip to automatically clear out the codes when I get a new response.  Right now we just have to do an extra click outside any portals to clear out the codes or else it doesn't save the new codes.

And when we create a new Code in the Code list, is there away to automatically refresh the code list in the drop down menu?  Right now, we are going back to the "see response" button in the question list to refresh the code list.

These are just a few quirks of the database that my team is getting frustrated with.  They aren't huge problems, but if we can save a few clicks, it will make the work go faster, and they will be happier.