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Need a calc for counting a unique value

Question asked by WF7A on Jan 8, 2015
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Need a calc for counting a unique value


Greets, all!

I'm drawing a blank how to do this elegantly using either an ExecuteSQL calc or "straight" FileMaker calc so I need some help.

There's a field in a table named CompanyName__lxt where whenever a user either copies a record or creates a new one _and_ enters a company name--either manually or already entered from the duped record--it's checked against all the records in a table for the same company name and gives a count of those uses. For example, if a user enters Bozotronics into the CompanyName__lxt field and that company name already exists in to two other records, the calc presents a [3] since s/he just entered Bozotronics for the third time.

I already have the tail end of the calc figured out so if there is a count of more than one then conditional formatting will cause the field's text to turn yellow; it's the front end I'm having trouble with.

As always, your help is appreciated.