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need a container focused academic database freeware template

Question asked by JanMasek on Jul 19, 2012


need a container focused academic database freeware template


I am a speaker. I need to use a container type databases that would allow me to aggegate all my sources with text and photos and videos and recordings. For example some of what i do has to do with Climate Change, i am looking for a freeware template that will get me started and i can add all the missing fields such as SLIDE NUMBER, AUTHOR, DATE, TITLE, KEYWORDS, VIDEO, PHOTO, MP3, URL, PDF name it, i run across tons of new material and it is important to me to get all of this organized so if i speak to a group in finance for example, i could find text or media or a slide i already constructed and line up content i already have to decide what slide content i will show.....but i need all this source and description and content. I saw on site a template which shows update of videos as they change but this is far less detailed than what i am looking for. Does anyone have a freeware template even if not as comprehensive as what i describe so at least i have something to start with. What i am describing is something that would be ideal for any academic domain or even journalistic for example. thanks in advance.