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Need a different random set each time script runs

Question asked by user447 on Jun 19, 2010
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Need a different random set each time script runs


I am trying to show 10 percent of a found set.  I think I have the script right, but each time I run it, I get the same records as the first time I ran the script.  Maybe I have a step out of place.

I have 2000 records.  Let's say my first find was to find 10% of people whose last name starts with the letter C.  There are 210 records that have last name beginning with the letter C.  I want to find 10% of those 210 and mark them as random records chosen for audit.  The script does, indeed, find 21 records.  But the next time I run it, it finds the exact same records.  I will need a different random set  each time the script runs.  How can I adjust my script?


Show All Records

Replace Field Content (no dialog; Licensees::RandomField[Random]; "")

Enter Find [Pause]

Perform Find[]

Unsort Records

Replace Field Contents [no dialog; Licensees::RandomField[Random];Random]

Sort Records [restore; no dialog]

Go to Record [First]

Omit Multiple Records [nodialog; Licensees:: percent_90_of Found count]


Those exact same 21 people will not be happy if they are chosen for audit the very next time.