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    Need a Message Sent field/function



      Need a Message Sent field/function


      I'm working in a solution (JobPro Central) that enables me to create and send an email from within the solution. I find that sometimes I forget whether I've actually clicked the Send button, so I re-send as a precaution, sometimes unnecessarily.


      I need either to modify the Send button so that it changes color or otherwise indicates that it's been used for that particular record, or else to create a separate indicator of some kind to let me know that I've sent this out. 

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          Jens Teich
             Create a field message_already_sent.

          Send the mail with a script with two commands. First is send mail. Second is Set Field[message_already_sent ; 1 ]. Instead of a simple '1' you might prefer a message like "Message sent"!

          Place the new field on the layout an provide conditional formatting in a way that you will never again will have to click a second time just to be sure ...