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Need a script for removing items from a value list

Question asked by brianquillin on Aug 8, 2011
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Need a script for removing items from a value list


I have a conditional value list "using values from a field" (showing remaining budgeted items that need to be funded by contributions).

One the contribution page, when entering a new contribution, the user will select the 'show_name' in the first pop up menu.  The conditional pop up menu below (the conditional value list - budgetline_ID & showing budgetline_name) needs to reflect ONLY the items that still need funding.  

Each budget item may be funded by many contributions, therefore I have a total_needed field on the budget items layout.  When a new contribution is made toward that budget item, the total_needed field behaves correctly.

***When budget_line::total_needed = 0, I want to have that budget item removed from the conditional value list on the contributions layout.***

What is my easiest method to acheive this outcome?  I am a novice 'filemaker' with no experience in scripting but it appears I may have to try it this time.  If scripting is my only option, I will need some pretty specific guidance on how to write it properly.

Thanks in advance...