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Need a script to add one total to another

Question asked by rshepherd on Feb 28, 2009
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Need a script to add one total to another


I am trying to create a very simple inventory file. I have a field where an operator will type in an amount. I want to create a script that will take that amount and add it to the amount in another field. Then delete the amount in the first field.


For example:

One field named "Cartons on Hand" has a number of 10

User adds a number 5 into field called "New Cartons Received"

Script will take amount in "New Cartons Received" which is 5 and add that to the number in "Cartons on Hand" which is 10 and will change the number to 15.

Then "New Cartons Received" will be reset to empty.


Can anybody give me help setting this up? I am using Filemaker version 5.5