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Need a single field to show portal selected items

Question asked by Dekade on Dec 7, 2012
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Need a single field to show portal selected items


     In a database and on any given record I have a portal.

     Each portal row represents a topic that can be selected that will be associated with the record.

     There are about 75 topics (rows) in the portal.

     I am able to select one or more of the portal rows (topics) using the Cartesian join operator "X".

     I would like to have a field off to the side on each record. This field will show all of the chosen "X" fields from the portal (but, obviously not the unchosen fields). I would like the field to be vertical with one line representing each "X" topic.

     As you move from record to record that field will show different choices because each record will have different topics associated to it.

     Additionally - as one topic is "unselected" in the record portal that topic then automatically disappears from the field list for that record.

     How do I go about accomplishing this field creation?