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Need A Sliding/Hiding/Drop down Menu/Table

Question asked by SeanMcCluskey on Mar 27, 2014
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Need A Sliding/Hiding/Drop down Menu/Table


     I am not quite sure what this is called I've looked thru the forums, I've googled it. I just can't find it! I am trying to create a contract for a construction company. Since we do many aspects of construction I need to have "tables"(not FM tables) setup on our contract for each aspect of construction i.e. roofing, siding, gutters, etc.

     I want each of these "tables" to be able to drop down and let the sales rep select the items to use. Each category will have different fields depending on what it is. Such as roofing will have; shingle brand, shingle color, drip edge color, vent type, vent color, etc. And siding or gutters will obviously need different fields...

     An example of what I want is the FMP Inspector window. You can click on the different categories and select the options underneath then you can close the category when you are done with it.

     Also, I want to be able to set this up where when printing the printed page only shows items that are needed i.e. if the roofing tab was dropped and items selected but the siding tab was not then the printed page will only show the roofing items. I'm thinking it may be helpful to have yes/no buttons that control the show/hide rather than the triangle in the inspector.


     Thanks for any help!