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Need a way to copy records...

Question asked by MartinAhlqvist on Apr 13, 2014
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Need a way to copy records...


     I'm still working on my schedule solution. So far I have created "Schedule", "Person" and "Shift" -tables that are joined through other tables such as: "PersonShift" and so on...

     I have connected my persons to the right shift and my shift to the right date in my schedule. My problem is now how to add the right persons to each date. To add persons and dates to shifts was fairly easy with your help but now it is a whole other thing. My table looks like this:

__kp_ScheduleShiftPerson    _kf_Schedule    _kf_Shift    _kf_Person

                            1                                         1                      2

                            2                                         2                      3        

                            3                                         3                      4

                            4                                         4                      1                

                            5                                         5                      2

     I know in theory what to do but not an easy way to do it. I don't want to manually copy each date and enter every single person in the group that works that day. It would take forever!

     Please help!!