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Need advice (solution)! Windows

Question asked by justjoker on Oct 12, 2012


Need advice (solution)! Windows



     I'm not sure if it's possible or not, but going to make the following with my little database:

     1. I have found the nice free software named Greenshot that makes screenshots of the part of the screen and (that I need most of all) the best in annotating picture. It also saves it as *.png to a file and/or to clipboard.

     2. Unfortunately, we can't paste *.png from clipboard to container field. Only as bitmap file that is really huge by itself.

     3. Yes, It's possible to import png files into container manually choosing ones from the default saving directory, but in this case it's easy to get the wrong file (I also want the possibility to edit and re-annotate the picture).

     Is it possible to make, for example 2 buttons - "Take screenshot" and "Edit" - (import from the container to Greenshot and then replace the old file at the container) to automate the procedure? I've tried to goggle something but even plug-inns do not do it ... (To tell the truth, I'm not familiar with Windows pogramming, but solved the similar task for OS X with a script...).

     Could somebody help me?

     Thanks and kind regards,