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Need advice from experienced FileMaker Pro "designer/architect"

Question asked by on Feb 27, 2011
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Need advice from experienced FileMaker Pro "designer/architect"



Short presentation (you could skip to My big issue below if want): For years I have developed in C#, SQL, Access... anyway Microsoft products. Since about 1 year ago I considered switching to Filemaker Pro and ObjectiveCI am now in a company where we use only Macs and Filemaker gives me the opportunity to be cross platform to. I hope that this will be a good change and that facilitates the development and save time in creating the application I intend to do in this company.  

Already brought FileMaker Pro Advanced, since I think that will give me more control to simplify the interface for users less familiar with  computers, and more control Portuguese localization issues - like errors.

My big issue right now -between the diagrams that sketch on paper - is if I should create a single database or several ones, and what will be the impact on future performance or limitations that I may have!

My application will have 3 major  areas:

- 1 record of services performed or sold (the main principal app)
   this will have some client info, scanned documents, product and service used with data got from area 2 etc.

2 Inventory of stock and available services.

- 3 Records of expenses from services rendered / sold and the company itself.

- 4 Vehicle millenage, services and usage records.

Should I create 4 databases projects with their own interfaces, each with its own maintenance and the principal one (app 1) will make referrals, updates etc,. with the DB 2, 3 and 4 as neededThrough the use of Portals I think.
  Or should I just create a DB and only work tables then?
 My view is that for example to manage inventory add new vendors I would only need to open the aplication DB 3.
 I do not know how best practice with Filemaker Pro will be.


Vitor Costa