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Need advice on computer and upgrade

Question asked by LeoB on Jan 21, 2011
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Need advice on computer and upgrade


It's been a while since I was on this forum.  In the first part of 2010 I was here constantly while trying to develop a database for documenting and analyzing certain technical inspection procedures regarding international airports.  I'm doing this on my own with hopes of eventually licensing it to foreign governments as part of their quality control programs required under international standards.  No such software exists now.

However, for the last seven months I haven't touched FM as I went on a project in Africa and was living on my laptop and too busy to work on it.

I have some questions I hope some of the FM gurus here may be able to provide some guidance on.

1.  Computer: I'm going to need to replace my aging Dell PC that I've been using to work on this database.  The big advantage for using it is the 24" monitor, but the box is seven years old and starting to have some problems.  I wonder if replacing it with a Mac would be in any way advantageous?  However, 99.999% of potential users of this database will be running PCs with WinXP.

2. Upgrade:  I'm currently using FMPro10Adv.  Although I think the database would work fine in FMPro10, I chose the Advanced because of Kiosk mode.  I want to be able to provide them the database in Kiosk for evaluation.  I'm wondering if the changes in FMPro11Adv are significant enought to warrant the $300 for an upgrade?

3. Training:  If FMPro11Adv is recommended, would the $99 training CD from FM be worthwhile?  Last year I did the entire training course on FMPro10 on, and it helped quite a bit.

I would appreciate any advice or comments from folks on this forum, many of whom graciously and expertly answered my many (sometimes basic) questions.

Best regards,