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Need advice on setting up a portal

Question asked by GretchenSeppmann on Feb 23, 2012
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Need advice on setting up a portal


I'm designing a packing slip and it was going smoothly until I got to where you put in the products. I have a table for customers (their names/addresses/contact info), and a table for products(item code/description/weight), and I started a table with the fields that are packing slip specific (PO number/order date/ship date/carrier and so on)

Where I'm stuck, is how to link the relationships properly (I think I'm missing some fields that need to be on both tables possibly?), and I can't quite wrap my brain around how I set up a portal so that I can type in an item code, and have the item description and weight automatically fill in. I would also like to have a portal (or the whole view related fields thing?) so I can type in a customers name, and it will fill in their billing and shipping addresses for me. At one point I managed to set it up so that the fields for weight and item description would fill in, but it would only give me one line in a portal that I told to have 10 lines.


Any assistance would be much appreciated.