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Need Advice on Structuring for Server

Question asked by KenS on Sep 29, 2009
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Need Advice on Structuring for Server


I am shifting gears from a solution that has been used by 1-2 users towards much wider use (hopefully!). As such I am wondering how to structure the filemaker files so that development updates can be made with as little complication as possible.


I am working on a solution that will provide for management and record keeping for small medical offices. I am planning on having the db served from a host of my choice to multiple, unrelated users. At some point I optimistically imagine I may have to run multiple copied of the db to keep performance up. Of course, development will proceed and it starts to look like a lot of work to distribute the changes to each copy of the db, with lots of likely little glitches to manually update each copy of the db with changes.


I have considered having the db divided across two filemaker files, one containing all the tables/data and the other file everything else. Then I could just swap the second file to make UI upgrades. Changes to any of the tables of the file containing primarily data will have to be manually made across each copy.


How best can this be managed? Is the two file solution a good one or is my inexperience leading me into a dark alley? Keep it all in one file? Maybe I'm just over-thinking this as I havent yet had to face such server performance issues. I'm sure any number of other people have invented and re-invented this wheel already!


Any sage advice is greatly appreciated... 





Using FM10 Advance on Mac OS X 10.6.1, planning to host on FMGateway. I have a strong background in coding and a few years of semi-casual filemaker development.