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Need advice on user login capability via web interface

Question asked by JohnV_1 on Jun 24, 2013
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Need advice on user login capability via web interface



     Hi everybody!


     I have a FM database (version 9) that I created for a school-- it manages the students' records.


     Currently, only the teachers and admins have access to it.


     The plan is to create a 'front-end' to allow access to student records for the parents.


     So here's out the flow would look like:


     Local Network - Database - IWP -> Internet


     My question-- for 200+ students, if I were to use Filemaker's built-in security, that would require a LOT of managing of users.

     Instead, I would like to create a strong password for each student and then give each parent that password.


     So, when they access the IWP from their home browser, it would pop up with

     Student ID:

     Student Password:


     And once they type in their password, it'll go to that specific record only and only allow edits to that record.


     Not sure how to do the above-- has anyone had any experience doing this? And if so- any example databases?


     thank you so much!!