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    Need alittle help, I am a filemaker idiot..



      Need alittle help, I am a filemaker idiot..


      My company uses FMP 6 for our bid files, when we do a proposal we populate information in a filemaker database which generates the form to send, Now we need to check up on proposals we've sent. What I am trying to accomplish is lets say I did a bid on 9/1/10, another on 9/5/10, and so on to a specific client, I need to make a layout which will show all bids to a client in the last 30 days. The fields I have in the database are:

      DATE (Generated when we made the record)
      TO (Client's name)
      PROJECT (Name of the job)

      We have multiple clients, so it needs to only list jobs for TO, with the DATE being a range from the last 30 days to today.. is this even possible? Again, I am an idiot with filemaker, and it doesn't help the version we're using is so old either. Thanks in advance for any help, I am lost.

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          What you are asking is very easy, and FM 6 is still an excellent product; its age is no handicap.

          You have many Clients in the database, so you will 'Find' only the Client you are interested in.  That is not layout-dependent - no matter what records you find they will all use the same layout to display.  (Click 'View -> Find Mode', and enter the client's name in the empty TO field.  Then press 'Enter', or 'Perform Find'.)

          You can limit the bids even further, by searching for that Client name in the TO field, and in the DATE field put >1/12/2010 (say).

          You can then sort them by date ascending or descending, if you want.

          Make sure you select 'View as list' to get the right effect, and move the bottom of the body up tight to the 3 fields.


          To take things to the next step you could add a sub-summary part to your layout, defined as 'when sorted by TO'.  Then if you do a search to find only those bids in the last 30 days, and sort all the found set by TO, you would see them nicely grouped together for each Client.  You could then add sub-totals, say into the sub-summary part of the layout to show the number of bids in that period for each client (and in total) and the value of them.


          Sorry if I've pitched the answer at the wrong level for you, either too high or insultingly low.

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            Like I said, I am new when it comes to FM, but do like it alot.. I got that done, and in file maker, it looks good, but if I print it, it prints my header with company logo, and the first record, is there any way to force it to print the header and then all the found records on a single page? Sorry for the n00b questions!

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              When you print in FileMaker, you have two basic print options you can select in the print dialog: Records Being Browsed and Current Record. If you print using the Records being Browsed option, you'll print all the records in your found set. Whether or not they all fit on one page depends on how you've structured your layout.

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                That worked, thank you so much, both of you!