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Need alittle help, I am a filemaker idiot..

Question asked by Russell904 on Jan 5, 2011
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Need alittle help, I am a filemaker idiot..


My company uses FMP 6 for our bid files, when we do a proposal we populate information in a filemaker database which generates the form to send, Now we need to check up on proposals we've sent. What I am trying to accomplish is lets say I did a bid on 9/1/10, another on 9/5/10, and so on to a specific client, I need to make a layout which will show all bids to a client in the last 30 days. The fields I have in the database are:

DATE (Generated when we made the record)
TO (Client's name)
PROJECT (Name of the job)

We have multiple clients, so it needs to only list jobs for TO, with the DATE being a range from the last 30 days to today.. is this even possible? Again, I am an idiot with filemaker, and it doesn't help the version we're using is so old either. Thanks in advance for any help, I am lost.