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    Need all entries on 1 form per person



      Need all entries on 1 form per person


      I have a database that tracks the hours worked for "hourly type" employees.  The relationship is employee::hoursWorked.  My goal is to have the data entry populate a form.  There is 1 form per person per pay period, which has hours worked for mulitple days.  For instance, Sue worked in October 2009 on 10/2 for 8 hours and 10/13 for 2 hours and 10/20 for 6 hours.  I want a form for Sue in October 2009 and have all 3 of those days and corresponding hours appear on her form.  Currently I am getting 3 different forms for Sue for October 2009

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          I'm assuming by employee::hoursworked, you mean employee::EmployeeID = HoursWorked::EmployeeID.


          Make a sub summary report based on HoursWorked

          Make a sub Summary part (Print above, when sorted by Employee ID) to list the employee's name and and any other data from Employee that you need

          Put your hours worked fields in the body

          Make a second sub summary part (print below, when sorted by Employee ID, page break after every occurrence) and add any summary fields from HoursWorked to report total hours, total pay etc.


          Enter browse mode and use a find to locate the desired hours. You can enter 10/2009 in a date field, for example to find all HoursWorked records dated in October, 2009.

          Sort the records by Employee ID.


          If you're not using FMP 10, preview the report to see the sub summary parts.


          For more on sub summary reports and summary fields, check the help system.