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    Need an ODBC for Filemaker 5



      Need an ODBC for Filemaker 5


      Using Filemaker Pro 5 (yes, I know there are later versions!!!!).  Need to create a Crystal Report (Crystal version 8.5) to a filemaker 5 db.  Can anyone help?

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          Thank you for your post.


          ODBC was first implemented in FileMaker Pro 4.1.  Check your original CD and see if there is an ODBC driver included.  We are unable to locate a FileMaker Pro 5 CD to verify.



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            Hi Maverick,


            I use Filemaker 5.5 and am currently in process of upgrading to Filemaker 10.  I also have Crystal 8.5, and have not been able to get the two to work nicely together.  If I perform a query even on a small Filemaker database, it takes forever, and I mean foreeevvverrrr to process.  I have a timecard entry database with about 52000 entries.  If I do a simple report to generate monthly labour expense based on job, the program either freezes or chugs along at pace that I suspect would take 7 hours to finish.  I converted the database to FP7, and performed the same query via Filemaker 10 and it took less than 10 seconds. Therefore, I recommend upgrading to version 10 if you are going to use Crystal to generate reports from Filemaker. 


            If this is a one-time thing or a try and see thingie, try downloading FM10 trial, converting your database to .fp7, and using trial ODBC drivers from DataDirect.com (these don't work with FM5.5).