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Need bowling league software

Question asked by LanceHinek on Apr 24, 2013
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Need bowling league software



     The last time I used Filemaker was in 1990.  So I am out of the loop so to speak.  I have been looking for a bowling league program that runs on a Mac and not under VMware or Parallel.  I have not found one.  

     We have a 10 lane bowling alley with 4 person teams or 40 bowlers with a handicap league.   Some years we only have only 9 teams so we have a "nobody there" team then we bowl against our averages minus 10 pins per person.  

     The key to this is printing out the weekly results.  This includes team position, team number, team name, games won, games lost, %, team handicap total pins, team handicap ave, team handicap high game, team handicap high series.  

     The printout needs to  show the week team results ; team number, total game 1,total  game 2, total game 3, series, games won, games lost and the lane numbers.

     The print out needs to list the team number and lanes they will play on this week and lane number the teams will play next week. 

     The top 4 weekly high games for men and women and the top 4 weekly high series for men and women.

     Then the year to date high scores: high scratch game team, high scratch series team, high handicap game team, high handicap series team, high scratch game men, high scratch series men, high handicap game men, high handicap series men, high scratch game women, high scratch series women, high handicap game women, high handicap series women, high game over average men, ghi seri over ave men, high game over ave women, high serifs over ave women, high individual aver men, high individual average women.  

     Then on the back of the sheet we need the bowler stats listed by team members: total pins, games played, average, handicap, last weeks scratch game, last week scratch series, last week handicap game, last week handicap series.  Also the high year to date series game, high year to date scratch series, high year to date handicap game, high year to date handicap series.  Sometimes the data will be blank when the bowler is missing. 

     A list of the substitutes with name, total pins, games played, average, and handicap.

     This maybe quite difficult to assemble but that is our needs.