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Need direction or suggestions, not sure where to start

Question asked by SuzanneAtkinson on Jan 14, 2013
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Need direction or suggestions, not sure where to start


     Hello, first post here. If anyone can direct me to an existing template to play with or a simple solution that would be great.


     I have a collection of workouts...mostly text fields...a single note for a single workout.   (in the future I can break this out into sets/reps, drills, etc) but for now I'll keep it simple.

     I want to be able to reference my workout library to quickly create different versions of training programs, for example a 12 week intermediate training program would have 4 workouts per week and I'd select from my data base which ones to oinclude. 


     I would then want a report to print out that traiing program wiht all the text for "Week 1 workout 1, week 1 workout 2" (I'm not totally set on that could just as easily list then numberically (workout 1, workout 2, etc).   or whatever.


     So data wise it's pretty simple.  But I'm new to filemaker.  I have a lot of previous experience with access and understand dtabase theory.  Any help is appreciated. 


     Currently using a trial version of FM Pro