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Need for one to one? can't find info...

Question asked by brianquillin on Jul 26, 2011
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Need for one to one? can't find info...


For my specific need, I am trying to create a db to track student financial account information (for a single class not an entire school). My initial thought was to set this up like I've done with another invoicing solution that I've built.  ONE student will have MANY invoices that might contain MANY line items.

I've now shifted my thinking that for easier tracking purposes and my layout needs, I like for ONE student to have ONE invoice (where all activities for the year will be added) with MANY line items.  I've searched online and read sections from books but cannot find where anyone justifies a true ONE to ONE via the Relationship settings.

My current setup for MANY INVOICES:

Students::student_ID ----<Invoices::student_ID

Invoice::invoice_ID ----<Line Items::invoice_ID

Items::item_ID ----<Line Items::item_ID

What would my setup look like for ONE student with ONE invoice?

Any thoughts/comments/advice/how-to's would be greatly appreciated.