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    Need help



      Need help


      Im trying to create a data base for my band that will help me track all of our sales by city for each show. I cant figure out how to have each new record be saved and be able to be looked up by city. What would be the best way to go about this? I have very limited experience with FM

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          Start by investing time in some training resources. There are a number of options--including free videos in You-Tube.

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            But to answer your question,

            If you have a field in your table that records the name of the city, you can enter find mode and specify the name of the city, perform the find and then you have a found set of all invoices from that city.

            This is just one of many possibilities, but the simplest for a beginner to do.

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              Is there any way I can enter each date 's sales and city and have another table then sort the city's individually? I'd apppreciate any help thanks.

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                I repeat my suggestion that you invest in additional training.

                A "Table" in FileMaker terms is something that you define in Manage | database | tables.

                From what I see here, that additional table is not needed though a table with just one record for each city could be used if you defined a relationship to match records in the original table to it by city.

                But you can also just set up a summary report and sort your records by the city field. Such a report can list each individual record or be set up to have just one row of data for every city. A summary field, if needed, can be used to compute a total over multiple records in your report as well.