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Need help breaking away from Excel

Question asked by Lust4Kicks_1 on Nov 25, 2008
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Need help breaking away from Excel




I have tried many different designs to make this work, and nothing seems to fit, so I'm hoping someone here can push me in the right direction.


The client is a newspaper distributor, who employs carriers to deliver "x" amount of papers each night. The "payroll draw" runs from the 1st - 15th & 16th - 30th or 31st, depending on the month. Carriers are paid from the total papers thrown twice a month.


For example, an assistant, simply plugs in numbers across this spreadsheet until the 15th, where each day is tallied (summed) and then a new spreadsheet has to be made for the following 16th thru 30th (or 31st).


This method works as long as a new worksheet is created for the assistant, however, for the client to be able to look back in time for whatever information, he must sort thru a whole bunch of archived worksheets, etc.


I would like to create better method in FM, where this data can be plugged in and compiled without having to recreate a new excel worksheet, and whenever the client wishes to produce a bi-weekly summary, all he has to do is simply select a date range and it will give him all the throws from each carrier, etc.


Can anyone lend a clue?