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Need help building a form to add to multiple tables.

Question asked by MarcTew on Oct 7, 2010
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Need help building a form to add to multiple tables.


Hi, I am fairly new to Filemaker and I am already slightly out of my depth with it.

I work in a Motor Dealership and I need a database whereby I can track vehicles on site, vehicles on order, and the customers those vehicles are then sold to. I was planning to have a table for vehicles, a table for customer details, and a table to attach order numbers and etc to. I have copied and pasted the fields at the bottom.

The issue I have, is staff need to be able to open fm, and input data into two tables from one form. I was going to use a field called Customer Serial, to link tables. The customer serial is surname then DOB.

Could someone advise me on how I setup the form to create identical records in two tables at once?

Thankyou in advance. (Im on Filemaker 10)

Customer Details

Title                (Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms, Other)
First Name

Email Address

Address Line 1
Address Line 2

Tel Number Home            (Numbers 10-11 Digits)
Tel Number Work            (Numbers 10-11 Digits)
Tel Number Mobile        (Numbers 10-11 Digits)

Preferred Contact Method     (Email, Home, Work, Mobile)

Date Of Birth            (Date Box)

Customer Serial            (Generated from Surname + DOB)

Vehicle Details

Registration Number        (Validated to maximum 7 digits)
Manufacturer            (Citroen, Hyundai, Overwrite Possible)
Trim Level
Fuel Type
Engine Size

Chassis Number
Engine Number
Stock Number
Vehicle Key Number

Date of Registration

Stock Type            (New, Used, Pre-Reg, Demo)
Vehicle Type            (Car, Van)

Cleaned for Forecourt?        (Yes, No, N.A Sold Order)
Workshop Status (New Vehicle)    (Unprepared, PDI'd)
Workshop Status (Used Vehicle)    (Unprepared, Sales Safety Checked, UVPDI Completed)

Internal Key Number        (3 Digits)

Order Details

Customer Serial            (Generated from Surname + DOB)

Date of Customer Order
Date of Admin Order
Manufacturer Order Number

Estimated Date of Arrival
Vehicle Location        (Factory, Shipping, Dock, Transporter, Blackwater)

Factory Options
Accessories to be Fitted