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Need help building an Inventory System (with Barcoding)

Question asked by PandaOne on Nov 9, 2011
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Need help building an Inventory System (with Barcoding)


Hi All,


This is my first post on the Filemaker Forums, and I could reeaaaallllllly use some help; and in exchange for your patience, I will love you forever :)




I'd like to have an inventory system where I can track goods (transfer-in, transfer-out, purchases, sales, etc.), calculate the cost of goods in inventory, cost of goods sold, and cost of inventory -- basically all internal uses.

I recently started working for a company that didn't really have much of a comprehensive inventory system in place. On Day 1, they handed me a copy of FileMaker 8.5 and said "make it happen". I am not familiar with FileMaker and hadn't used it in the past, so I've been trying to figure it out for the past couple weeks by reading s few forum threads and watching youtube videos... but the improvement has been marginal. Apparently, they bought the program some years ago, but never used it (or tried and gave up).

Also, I have a Symbol SPT1800 barcode scanner... that too has a learning curve.



I standardized the list of inventory and put it into Excel. Each individual item (over 10,000) has a specific ItemID number, and 10 subsequent descriptors - each one entered into a new cell. Beyond that... FileMaker's just been kicking my butt.



thanks :)