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need help creating a FMP calculation

Question asked by SadaStipe on May 18, 2015
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need help creating a FMP calculation


I need to create sequential tracking numbers for contracts that I will be creating in an FMP database. However, the contracts will need different amounts of tracking numbers depending on the size of the unit the customers order. For example, a single unit (S) = 1 tracking number; a feature unit (F) = 2 tracking numbers; 1/4 page (Q) = 4 tracking numbers; 1/3 pg (T) = 6, etc.

I'm trying to think of a way to get FMP to generate the tracking numbers for me. There is obviously a lot of room for human error. The other problem is that there may be multiple records for one contract so the tracking number often needs to be the same for each record in the same contract. Instead of marking these records with a regular unit size letter (S, F, Q, or T) they get a * in the contract (S*, F*, etc.) to mark them as additional records within the same contract and not different units (which would be more $$).

I can change any and everything about this but I'm stuck. HELP! Thank you!!!