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Need help creating a keystroke trigger

Question asked by veramilo_1 on Jan 1, 2012
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Need help creating a keystroke trigger


I have a custom dialog (a layout in a new window) that performs a script when the "Accept" button on the layout is clicked or the enter key is hit.  I also have a "Cancel" button on the layout which closes the new window (cancels the dialog) when it's clicked. I want command-"." (period) to do the same but I can't for the life of me figure out how. Can someone please help?  

Here is the script that's used by my OnLayoutKeystroke script trigger:

If [Code (Get(TriggerKeystroke))=10  //THIS WORKS]
  Perform Script [firstScript]
Else If [//I can't figure out how to get a command-period keystroke to call "otherScript" or possibly just close the window]
  Perform Script [otherScript]
End If


Thank you in advance!