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Need help creating a report that shows all of the entries in a field for a record

Question asked by NTH23 on May 18, 2009
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Need help creating a report that shows all of the entries in a field for a record


I have been organizing data in FileMaker for some time now, but recently have run into analysis problems.  Any help would be much appreciated! Here is a quick summary of the database I am working on:

I am looking at certain species of animals and where they are located.  One table contains information about every species in the database: Scientific name and a unique species ID number.  Another table contains the field "Geography," which lists which continents they are located on.  So there are these options: North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Eurasia.  This table also has a field that descibes whether or not that certain species is endemic to one continent only: the only options for that field are "yes" or "no."  


I want to create a report that lists every species in the database, and under that, each continent they are found on.  I thought I was doing everything correctly by creating a self-joining relationship in "Geography," but the report I have been generating repeats entries rather than listing them all.  For example, species Sus scrofa has Africa, Eurasia and North America listed in the Geography table.  Under the endemism field, it is labeled as "no."


The report I created, however (after making 3 self-joining relationships between the Geography field) just lists Sus scrofa: Africa, North America, North America.  Why is it repeating one entry and not listing the other? How can I fix the relationships between tables so that I can generate a report that shows every unique scientific name and all of the continents it is found on under it?