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Need Help creating list of entrys based on mi original data base

Question asked by Mikygal on Feb 19, 2010


Need Help creating list of entrys based on mi original data base


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Greatings I'am working  whit Filemaker Pro 10 Advance under WinXP, i'am trying to create  a data base to manage and art colection, of about 5600 pices, the  entire estructure of de field it's completed, but i need to find a way to mark or select a registry and transformit into a list, because its colecctión from a museo i need to be able to  creat list of pices just by markin a box or a buton, for example, if  the curartor (who develop an exposition) its workin on a list of pieces, he should get into the data base and click in a buton on every paint that he want to include on a given exposition, and the file maker should create a list whit the data of the paint that he selected. Thats its what i need to do, but i try diferent things and nothing work i  a new user of this program so i really need help.  


Also i wanted if its posibly to have  the  option that, if i create a list of paints for an exposición(in the way i explain before),  lets say it's called  "XX century painter"  i could make that all of the paint that i exported or copy from the main data base, register a new  exposition i n wich there are been envolve, wich mean that on the field "Exposition"(whic i create already) of all the paints that were selected will had to have now  "XX Century Painters" automatically  added just by the fact that there were selected by click on a button


i hope my english wasn't  soo bad and someone could know the solution to my problem, tanks for reading