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Need Help creating two seperate scripts.

Question asked by YilbberVargas on Mar 17, 2015
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Need Help creating two seperate scripts.


I need to generate two seperate scripts that do the following.

The First one is I need a script that Pulls an Employee's Schedule based on the master schedule.

The employees are identified in Two Locations, One field is called Lead, and the Other, Crew. (and a related Table is Driver)  The Table is named Schedule. The employees are in EMPLOYEE, and have Ids, EmployeeIni(initials), and a Lead and Driver tag (which is 0 for Off and 1 for on)

I have Gloablfields set for various tasks (each named Global(Etc) (Date,name,filter,combine,etc)

I know i have to create a dynamicly generated report, but it needs to be populated with split tables. (showing the various fields I created in Portal)

I also need for it to toggle the employees as unavailable after they have been assigned to a show, so they do not show up as being available. This part is confusing for me as I do not see an automated way for this so far.