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Need help establishing relationship and a Photo question

Question asked by JerryAdams on Nov 1, 2013
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Need help establishing relationship and a Photo question


     Hi.  I'm trying to establish a connection between my main database and a database containing photos of managers.

     The main database contains these main data fields:  Property address and manager contact.

     The second database (photo database) contains these fields:  Property address, property manager & property manager photo.  Both databases are Excel files located on my desktop at the moment. 


     The address will never change; the managers often do.  I'm hoping to be able to create a file in FileMaker Pro which can pull the photo of the current managers to each property.  I think I can just have one photo in the photo database which attaches to each manager's name.  Also, the photos of the managers are in jpg form.  I hope I have this part correct so far.

     My trouble has been getting FileMaker to "see " or attach the second database.  When I try to establish the relationship between tables an error pops up saying "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported."  Both files are Excel.  The second database only contains three columns with one column containing either jpg photos or blank cells.

     Any suggestions on what I need to change? 

     Thanks!  Jerry