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Need Help exporting records with a custom format

Question asked by calliex on May 28, 2010
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Need Help exporting records with a custom format


I am using Filemaker 11 on both PC and Mac


I need some help exporting some records.  The records are lab values accumulated over days for a particular patient identified by a unique ID.  There are about 8 lab values collected. Due to a lack of experience we first set this up with individual variables for everything such as:

Time1    FiO1       Ph1

Time2    FiO2       Ph2

. . . . . . . .

 . . . . . . .

Time72 FiO72     Ph72


We have since gotten smarter and are going to use a separate table setup as follows:

ID                            Timestamp                         FiO         ph

PUH-2006-006   11/23/2008 13:19              100         7.52

PUH-2006-006   11/23/2008 13:19              200         5.82


I then use a portal to display the values in the main table.

We can also read all the data in from a spreadsheet.


My problem is data was entered with the individual variables.  I created layout that looks like the new spreadsheet.  The problem is no matter how I try to export that layout Filemaker exports it one continuous line for each ID like this:

ID                            Timestamp                         FiO         Ph           ID            T              imestamp                            FiO         Ph 

PUH-2006-006   11/23/2008 13:19              100         7.52  PUH-2006-006         11/23/2008 13:19              200         5.82


All the variables for one ID are on the same line.


I have tried exporting it with current format and just about every other option allowed me.  Is it possible to do or will I just have to hand input those records.