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    Need help figuring out a relationship chart



      Need help figuring out a relationship chart


      Trying to set up a relationship between three tables that have some overlap...


      In this simplified example, these are the rules :

      PAGES could be made up of WORDS and LETTERS but also sometimes could just be made up of LETTERS

      Also, WORDS are always made up of LETTERS.

      I need to track the "production-line status" of LETTERS, WORDS, and PAGES individually :

      1. I need to be able to see how far along the LETTERS are on the "assembly line", so I can know when to expect the WORDS and PAGES will be complete.

      2. Also, I need to be able to see which LETTERS are still needed to complete the WORD

      I am unclear on how to set up the relationship between all these - what might that relationship diagram look like ?
      Is this simpler than it seems ?


      My follow up will be about setting up the portals to see this all at once.....

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          I'm guessing that you are substituting Pages, Words and Letters for the actual table names and items tracked in your database. That makes it very hard to understand your post. If you reply back with a description based on the actual items and tables it will be much easier for others to suggest a solution.

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            OK i was just trying to simplify

            I am project managing an interactive design project that will be made up of Screens.

            The Screens will be made up of Assets (images, videos, audio, etc) and what we are calling Apps (which will also be built from Assets)

            SO I need to track information and progress of both Assets and Apps, but ultimately my main concern is the completion of Screens

            Does this make more sense ?

            I can build the individual tables and give each asset, app, and screen an identifier, but im not sure how to set up the relationships between them.

            For instance

            I will create a layout that shows me the screen name and all of its corresponding assets - one of which may be an app - in which case I need a layout which can give me further info about that app and its assets

            I may need other layouts for assets based ont heir class (image, video , etc) - so should I simply treat apps as an asset type ?

            My thought was that that would make a circular relationship - any thoughts ?

            Cant wrap my head around this table structure and relationship path

            Thanks for any ideas

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              Can an App be built from other Apps?

              Since an App can be built out of assets and a Screen can be built from assets, what's the difference between them? (You might want to treat Screens as assets also.)

              It sounds like you need to support a recursive (not circular relationship here.) In which case, I think treating apps as a kind of Asset would make sense. You can, if needed, use a 2nd table occurrence of your assets table to support linking assets to other assets.