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Need help figuring out Report Average

Question asked by AaronRoss on Jul 30, 2012
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Need help figuring out Report Average



I have a layout that generates a report that is sorted by Phone Rep's name and Appt date for Managment to see a list view of Teleamrketer's name sorted by appt dates. The Layout has 4 parts. A header,2 sub summaries, and a body. The 2 sub summaries are sorted by Phone Rep, Appt Date, and The Status of Appt weather its approved or not. Now, when it is sorted by Phone Rep it gives a total record cound of how many appts that Phone Rep has set with the company. In addistion, it also sorts the total number of appts by dates.

Now, because i am only a novice still the way i generated a count of appt dates is i created a calulation field that would count company names when sorted by phone rep and appt dates.

Now lets say (Phone Rep) John Doe has set 300 appts with us. When sorted it will give me a break down of all 300 appts by Appt Date. It will then tell me out of 300 appts which of his appts were approved and which were held and which were not approved.

What i would like is first a field that will give me the total number of sorted appt dates out of the total number of appts set. EX: If John Doe has set 50 appts in one month, i would like a total count of his appt dates. 2. I would like to know out of 50 what is his average approved rate vs not approved.