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Need Help Fixing Send Records as PDF and Send Email issue

Question asked by RussSchneck on Feb 24, 2011
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Need Help Fixing Send Records as PDF and Send Email issue


I have a database set up with records created for multiple different clients and multiple service jobs done for each client every month. For the past several years, I have just printed out the invoice layout by running a script that found those jobs that were not yet paid for, sorting by client and date of job and then printing an invoice showing each job as a separate line item on the invoice. Print the envelope and mail it off.

Now, I'm trying to change this process by sending the invoice by email instead. I created a script that finds those jobs not paid for, sorts them as before, goes to invoice layout and sends records as PDF and then Send Email. The problem is in the script I have tried two different things and get a different AND unacceptable result. If I choose "current record" (starting at first record and looping until last record) I get an invoice emailed to each customer for each job - for some clients that could be 10-15 jobs in a month! What I want is one invoice emailed to each client with all jobs listed on that invoice. Now, the other thing I have tried is choosing "records being browsed" which did appear to work as it sent out one invoice to each client but with one big PDF file of everyone's invoice attached!

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.