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Need help for global field

Question asked by xtremu on Feb 27, 2011
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Need help for global field


I have two tables, Student and AccessLog

Relationships = Student:LogID and AccessLog:LogID

In my Student table, I have gStudentNumber field, type is number and it is global field, If I enter manually or through barcode scanner the StudentNumber of the student on that field, the system record the system time in TimeIn or TimeOut field in the portal and that's work fine. My problem is how to provide the code for this global field to link with (which something like find mode code)?, that when I enter the StudentNumber of the student in the gStudentNumber field it will record the system time and at the same time locate and show the student informantion on thier respective fields, like FirstNane, LastName picture etc.

Anybody help is much appreciated, I am developing a simple ID system that monitor the IN and OUT of the student in the campus.