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Need help for Global Field

Question asked by xtremu on Mar 7, 2011
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Need help for Global Field


I am using Filemaker pro 11 advance New in scripting I am using my global field to find records in my database, If I enter manually any student number in my global field it works fine. Any record/s will find and enter the system time in the portal field (TimeIn and Timeout field). My problem is when I tried to add the script to clear my global field and pause and wait to enter any student number and then find the record at the same time record the system time in the portal field and it doesn’t work, my global (gStudentNumber) doesn’t work and it stock, I can’t enter any number on that field. It is possible to use this field or what is the code for this?                                                                                 I have two tables: Student and AccessLog table  Relationships Student::LogID=AccessLog::LogID                                                                                This is the script. Go to Field [Student::gStudentNumber] Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): 2] Go to Layout [“AccessLog” (AccessLog)] Enter Find Mode [Pause]                                                                                   Thanks in advance for any help xtremu