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Need Help from FM and Web Developer

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Nov 25, 2010
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Need Help from FM and Web Developer


I am Not really web developer. I bought FM studio pro to bring my file maker data over the web. my question is how to create the Filemaker layout on web page. i tried  but it was not really successfully. Can some one give me idea how to do that . I have attached my Filemaker Snap shot  here.  

my questions

01. How to map Fields
02. How to bring value list
03.  this software originally developed by FMP 4(Not by my self). Now its working with FMP 11 advance. before  when this using FMP4  this was created like multiple Files(44 Files) (with out using Tables). I added some extra functions to the Solution after upgrade to the FMP 11. My question is i have seen in lot of Filemaker Web Tutorials they use single File,  inside that They use several tables.  

So it means should i redeveloped this Solution in to Single File  with Multiple Tables ? like merge this Mulfiple Files in to one File.  if yes  Do i ave to do it manually  or  is there any software to merge this


thanks in advance