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Need help getting portals fixed

Question asked by Tonyv on Nov 20, 2014
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Need help getting portals fixed


I am having some difficulty making the Portals appear. I believe something is wrong in the relationships but cannot really figure it out. Everytime I create a portal it comes blank, I must not be figuring out the right relationships to go across. From the Starters Solution, I basically need to figure out how in the Invoice Tables I am able to click the popover button, and then have that list of Customers show up below. More so, how they also able to add a New Customer from there. (Instead of customers i need it for vendors, manufacturers). Thats the only difference. I will also eventually do the customer side, but I am trying to fix my purchases first. And then it autofilling the rest of the fields. Would appreciate some help as I am really stuck on creating the Purchases/Sales side of the FileMaker. I am not using the starter solution but I am creating something similar to a concept like that. I can send a pic + file if needed. Have reviewed a lot of vids and followed what I think is correct..... But I am still stuck. Using FM13Pro