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    Need help getting started with project



      Need help getting started with project


      I'm new to FMP 11 and to database development in general.  I'm trying to create a simple (I think) database for my small church that would track member information and keep records for weekly donations.  I want to be able to enter individual donations each week and then be able to print out a year end record of giving for each member to be used for tax purposes.

      I would like to know if I am on the right track in developing this database.  This is what I think I will need:

      1).One table to contain the demographics and identifing information for church members.  This would include a field for a unique id number for each member along with fields for name, address, phone number and that sort of thing.

      2). A second table for tracking weekly donations.  This would contain fields for date of donation, donor id, amount of donation, type (cash or check).

      3). Creation of relationships between these two tables so that individual year end reports can be printed out for each member.

      It is this third crucial step that I can not understand how to do. I have created the two tables.  I've tried to create a relationship based on the member Id number.  But I don't know how to procede from here.

      Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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          You just about have it, John.  Donations should also have a MemberID.  The relationship should be:

          Members::MemberID = Donations::MemberID

          In your Donations table, create a new field.  Call it sTotalAmount.  The 's' means summary field.  Select field type of summary and specify 'Total of Amount'.  Now create a report in Donations.  Let Report Assistant walk you through it.  You want sub-summary and grand summary.  You want leading part based upon the member and sort by this field as well.  As you build the report, it will show you how it will group the records.

          Place your summary field in any sub-summary part for a 'total' of that group.

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            BTW, if you want to give this report to each Member, go to Layouts > part setup and select the Member sub-summary and check 'page break before each occurrence'  so each Member's information will print on separate pages.

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              Thank you so much for your prompt response.  I was very much in need of some encouragement.  I was about to give up.  When I have some time today I will see if I can follow your directions.  I may need to get back to you if I get stuck.