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Need help how to show "last delivery date"

Question asked by hyunyu on Jun 20, 2012
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Need help how to show "last delivery date"


Hello, I have just started using FileMaker Pro, and I am trying to set up layouts and fields, and having some troubles:

I am in a pharmacy and we deliver maintenance medications in monthly basis.  I have a table for "medications" that shows what medications a patient is on, etc.  I also have a seperate table for "delivery dates" which shows when the medications were delivered.  I want to show when was the last time a medication was delivered to a patient, based on the data from "delivery dates" table.

I thought protal was the best approach, and i used filter for IfValid for every entry in "delivery dates" field, so that when the field is empty, it wouldn't show that filter; however, this portal is still showing all 18 fields that i created prior w/ nothing on it.

Can someone please help me how I can resolve this?