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    Need help in building drop down list and relationship



      Need help in building drop down list and relationship



      I've two tables: 1. contact persons 2. Sales Quotes.

      In the table of contact persons there are several fields like customer name, contact name, Email etc.

      Sample records:

      1. Customer : ABC Company, Contact Person: Mr. X

      2. Customer : ABC Company, Contact Person: Mr. Y

      2. Customer: XYZ Company, Contact Person: Mr. Z

      I will make a new record in Quotes table and I will enter customer name. Now there is a field for selecting Contact persons in Quotes table.

      So please guide me how to create a single relationship between these two table so that I can get list of contact person for any customers selected.

      For e.g. If I select ABC Company then I should get Mr. X and Mr. Y in select contact person field from Drop down.

      (I have done this work using two relationships but I am unable to do the same by one relationship.)




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          Don't see why you would care whether you use one relationship or two to get the job done. What you describe is the scenario for a "basic conditional value list" and should require just a single relationship so I don't see where a second relationship would be needed for that. I personally would use two as I would be linking records by ID and would use one relationship to match by customer name in order to look up the ID to link the records by contact ID, as that makes for a more user friendly approach and it would not bother me at all to use two relationships to two diferent occurrences of the contacts table to make that work.

          For a working example of a "basic conditional value list", click the button by that name in:

          "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists"

          For a working example of how to set up a name based, auto-complete drop down list where the user selects a name but the records still end up linked by ID, see:

          "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - "Enhanced Value Selection"